Huawei Luna battery system for Huawei inverter

Huawei Luna high voltage battery bank can be used with up to and including 10 kW Huawei inverters. The capacity of 1 battery module is 5 kWh and up to 3 batteries (that is 15 kWh) can be connected to one tower. A maximum of 2 towers (that is 6 batteries) or 30 kWh can be connected behind one inverter.

In the event of grid outage, the system will only continue to operate if a back-up box is connected into the system. In this case, the system acts as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply). For single and three-phase systems, the maximum output power is 2.5 kW. The UPS only works for emergency consumers and in one phase.

Pay attention!

  • The Huawei Luna battery system only works with Huawei inverters
  • Huawei SmartMeter is necessary
  • Huawei Luna system can be installed only if the inverter is up to 10 kW (including)


System price (excluding installation and VAT):

  • SmartMeter 185 €
  • Control module 1061 €
  • 5 kW battery module 2321 €
  • Wall or floor mounting 110 €
  • Back-up box for three-phase inverter 1050 €

Victron inverter and BYD batteries

With this system, it is possible to simulate the grid/mains – if the mains frequency disappears, the system will run on batteries. This requires 3 inverters connected synchronous. In the event of a power failure, it is also possible to use three-phase devices. The amperage can be increased up to 3 × 50 amps.

High-quality Victron 3, 5, 8, 10 and 15 kW inverters are available. The batteries are BYD Li-ion 15.4 kWh batteries. The battery bank is easy to scale and the usable capacity of the batteries is almost 100% (the battery capacity is 15.4 kWh and the usable capacity is 15.34 kWh). Up to 64 batteries can be connected in total and 2 batteries can be installed on top of each other. The battery life, according to the manufacturer, is 6,000 cycles and the factory warranty is 10 years.


System price (excluding installation and VAT):

  • Junction box 800€
  • BYD battery bank  6100€
  • The control unit (Color Control) 360€
  • Victron inverter 10 kW 3330€ (NB! Three inverters with the same power are required for a three-phase system)


We also offer Victron inverters and BYD batteries as an off-grid solution. Read more about them here.